Our trio of young French crews will be tackling the nine-round all-asphalt championship in a field featuring experienced World Rally Championship and WRC2 drivers as they set their sights on progressing to a European level.








Jean-Baptiste Franceschi
Jules Escartefigue
Jean-Baptiste Franceschi
Jules Escartefigue
Réhane Gany
Franck Le Floch
Réhane Gany
Franck Le Floch
Sarah Rumeau
Julie Amblard
Sarah Rumeau
Julie Amblard


Touquet Pas-de-Calais
Antibes Côte d'Azur
Vosges Grand Est
Aveyron Rouergue Occitanie
Mont-Blanc Morzine
Coeur de France
Critérium des Cévennes

Round 1 – Touquet Pas-de-Calais

14 | 16 March 2024

The opening round of the French Rally Championship is based near Calais in Northern France, and takes in narrow but high-speed lanes more usually used by farmers. Add into the mix changeable Spring weather with the potential for muddy roads, and you have the recipe for a slippery, challenging first round of the season.

Le Touquet, France

Round 2 – Rhône-Charbonnières

18 | 20 April 2024

The “Charbo” as this event is affectionately named is one of the oldest rallies in France, having first run in 1947. Crews will take on two days of competition on typically wider, faster public roads in the countryside just outside Lyon.

Charbonnières-les-Bains Beaujolais, France

Round 3 – Antibes Côte d'Azur

09 | 11 May 2024

Based in the stunning French Riviera, the rally then heads up into Maritime Alps. Long, twisting mountain passes define this rally, which features iconic stages including the Col de Turini, made famous by the Monte Carlo Rally.

Antibes, France

Round 4 – Vosges Grand Est

14 | 16 June 2024

Taking place across eastern France, near Nancy, the Vosges Grand Est rally incorporates blasts through fields, forests and more. Taking place in June, the weather can vary considerably for this event, which offers a range of potential challenges for all of the competitors.

Vosges, France

Round 5 – Aveyron Rouergue Occitanie

04 | 06 July 2024

2024 marks the 50th running of Rallye Aveyron Rouergue Occitane. The rally makes use of asphalt roads winding their way through river valleys in the Occitane region, ensuring constant changes of direction and plenty of elevation change. Confidence to carry speed will be the key to setting top stage times.

Rodez, France

Round 6 – Mont-Blanc Morzine

05 | 07 September 2024

The next round of the championship takes the competitors deep into the Alps, within touching distance of Mont Blanc. The Stages take place on the mountain passes around the Morzine ski resort, and the challenging event attracts competitors and fans from around Europe and beyond. The drivers wind around the Joux Verte and Joux Plane passes before heading for Côte d’Arbroz.

Morzine, France

Round 7 – Coeur de France

27 | 29 September 2024

Le Mans is a name synonymous with motorsport, but just to the east of the city is the Rallye Coeur de France. Crews will be blasting through wide open fields on the asphalt lanes that connect the small villages that pepper this rich agricultural region.

Savigny-sur-Braye, France

Round 8 – Critérium des Cévennes

24 | 26 October 2024

Headquartered in Montpellier, the French Rally Championship returns once again to the hills and valleys of the Cévennes National Park, with rough but fast rural asphalt roads, plenty of hairpin turns, and challenging sections to negotiate through centuries-old villages.

Le Vigan - Montpellier, France

Round 9 – Var

21 | 24 November 2024

The French Rally Championship’s traditional season finale is the Rallye du Var, which takes place near the famous resort of Saint Tropez on the stunning Côte d’Azur. A trip to the beaches and bars will be a fitting reward for crews that make it to the end of this rally in the coastal mountains, especially with a 35Km final stage to provide a real sting in the tail.

Var, France