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Everything from Iron Lynx and Iron Dames on and off the racetrack.

Il covo

Our home away from home

Welcome to the Iron Lynx and Iron Dameshospitality.

IL COVO is a warm place that follows us everywhere in the world, providing the whole Iron Lynx family with intense moments of rest and relaxation.

Combining comfort, elegance, design, security, and good Italian food, IL COVO is the best place to host parties, press meetings and all the special events with our partners.

Paddock experience

A pole position
experience on race day

Motorsport enthusiasts, sponsors and partners have the opportunity to reward themselves and their VIP guests with a magical experience in the paddock.

A weekend combining hospitality, pit, and track experiences, in close contact with our team and drivers.

An adrenaline rush that will last for days.




Storage garage

The best care
for your precious car

From safe parking to premium maintenance, the new Iron Lynx garage storage unit can take care of your racing car or supercar giving it all the attention it deserves.

So you can enjoy the luxury of just driving it.



Core European markets have responded very well to news like driver announcements, team and industry news, significant race wins and Iron Lynx’s #RaceToInspire campaign. Thanks to our international platform, Lynx and Dames have reached a global audience including the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.

Work with us

As a team, a family, striving for success is in our DNA.

The road to success lies in the achievements of our team, with each member working at their best.

Join the Iron Lynx family.


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